Humorous Writing

This category needs to be filled by something that shows “your unique sense of humor and wit”. I think this poem is an odd one, but the concept makes me laugh, and the execution is something I’m pretty proud of. The idea of taking something so horriffying that all humans are afraid of and making it very human is hilarious to me. I hope it is to you as well. Continue reading “Humorous Writing”


Collaborative Writing

This assignment was to take one concept (in this case, I chose a hug) and pass it around the class, each person that got it writing a short little themed poem. This was fascinating to see my classmates’ interpretation of the prompts they were given. I ended up fixing up a few of the short poems, but most of them were left alone. I think that they’re short and sweet, some thought provoking, while the others are just fun to read. Continue reading “Collaborative Writing”

Wild Card #1

This assignment was the official revision project for class, although I had uploaded a personal rewrite before it was assigned. I took an assignment called “Take a Card”, where we had to pull cards to find out our characters, plot, setting, and perspective. I pulled a cop and a waitress, an adoption gone wrong, and central park in 3rd person. The original assignment was a lot more faithful to the cards, I ended up taking some (many) creative liberties with it the second time around. This is a long one, you might want to get a snack.

Continue reading “Wild Card #1”

First Person Narrative

This assignment was to rewrite a story from a different perspective. The story was about a man who finds out he has a deadly desire and only has a few months to live. He’s a single dad with a young girl, and tries to find people to adopt her. He stumbles upon a young couple who recently lost their daughter, and the day before he’s scheduled to pass away, they come and adopt Minna, his little girl. This story was heartbreaking to read, and even more heartbreaking to write from her perspective. It was one of my first pieces  from first person that I really liked, and this made me love writing in that style again.  Continue reading “First Person Narrative”


This is another story I wrote earlier in the year based on a prompt from my teacher. I particularly love this one, because I can see that characters so clearly in my head, and it was intensely satisfying to write them down. I might even write more on all the characters and this universe later, expand them and flesh them out. I really think that this little story has helped me with characters a lot, I don’t carefully plan them out anymore, just write as they come to me, then go back and edit them. Enjoy this little meet-cute between a teacher and disabled therapist. Continue reading “Revision”


This is a poem titled “The Mermaid” that I wrote early in the semester. The assignment was to write a love poem, and I had had this idea in the back of my mind for a while. It is loosely based on the song “I Love You (Acoustic)” by Woodkid, the swaying whimsical tone comes from the song. Continue reading “Poetry”

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