Wild Card #5

This was a fun assignment where we had to take one story and tell it to five different people. I have never done anything like this, and it was interesting to write only in dialogue from one side. You never hear the other person respond, and it’s fun to fill in the blanks. It was a good practice for writing from an unreliable narrator’s standpoint, and especially good practice for someone like me, who doesn’t often write from the perspective of a teenage girl (even though I am one. Go figure.).

Disclaimer: This is in no way a true story or even based in truth. I’ve never had a boyfriend, snuck out of the house or broken any bones. 

  • Situation: “I got caught sneaking out of my house and broke my arm”


Telling My Mother

“No, mom, I wasn’t sneaking out. I couldn’t sleep and was trying on cute outfits to wear to Jessica’s birthday party next week when I heard something outside the window. I looked, and there were three giant raccoons on the roof, trying to get into Matt’s room. So I took the screen off my window and crawled across the roof with my phone’s light on to scare them off. I was terrified, and so when Matt came into my room, he gave me a heart attack and I fell into the bushes. He says there weren’t any raccoons? Yeah, there weren’t any because I chased them off the roof. You’re welcome.”


Telling My Best Friend

“Oh my god, I was so close to getting caught sneaking out last night. You know how Abigail was throwing a party and James wanted to go? Well I got all dolled up, girl I looked so cute you wouldn’t have believed it was me. Why? Because this little freshman and her dumb little friends keep trying to hang out with him in front of my face. I’m not gonna let that happen, so when I found out that they were going to the party James posted about on his snapchat, I had to go. I was completely justified. I was almost across the roof and hopping down onto the garbage can when stupid little Matt leans out the window and practically yells “What are you doing?”. It was so loud that I fell off the roof, and that’s how I got this stupid cast. I told my mom some dumb story about raccoons, and she bought it and got me ice cream because she felt bad after we got back from the emergency room.”


Telling My Boyfriend

“I really did want to make it to the party, it would have been so much fun. If it weren’t for my brother, I totally would have been there. What? Of course I trust you! I wanted to go to hang out with you, we haven’t really done that in so long. I just don’t feel like you want to spend time with me lately, I get lonely sometimes, you know? Yeah, falling off the roof really hurt. It’s not a bad break, I’ll just have to be in this dumb cast for a month. I know, and it’s my writing hand. Are you sure? You don’t have to help me with my homework every day. Really? You’re the best.”


Telling My Therapist

“I know I should trust him. We’ve been together for a while, and he’s been nothing but nice and good to me. I just feel paranoid that he’s going to leave me. I know he probably won’t, but I can’t stop thinking that he’s found someone better and will break up with me any day now. How crazy is that? I know, I remember, don’t call myself crazy, but I feel crazy ok? What kind of idiot falls out of a window going to a party with people they hate to make sure their wonderful boyfriend isn’t hooking up with a freshman? I know, my trust issues are getting better in regards to Jessica and my family, but they just seem to get worse when I think about James. Okay, I’ll try being honest with him about it. You sure it won’t scare him off? Yeah, I really do like him. True, if he likes me he likes all of me. Thanks.


Telling My Doctor

“Yeah, I broke my arm last week. I fell off my roof chasing some raccoons, can you believe it? The emergency room people said it should be off in a month, they told me it wasn’t too bad. No, I know it was dumb. That’s something a second grader would do, right? No, my mom isn’t mad at me. I just feel kinda dumb about it. How soon will it heal fully? Okay, I deserve that. Nope, it doesn’t hurt. Itches though. Can I get people to sign it? Cool!”


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