For this assignment, we had to write a one-act play in play format. It could be about anything we wanted, take place anywhere we wanted it to, and we could do anything with it. I chose to write mine over the course of a girl’s life, with a twist. I think it’s funny and endearing, and I would definitely try writing this way again. I thoroughly enjoyed coming up with the characters,  the setting, and the plot. 

Guardian Devil


Mary Beth- A young girl who grows into a young woman over the course of the play. She is kind, friendly, and has a big heart. She dresses in simple, conservative clothes, mainly dresses and skirts, and always has a gold cross around her neck.


Chirasoru- Played by either a man or a woman, gender isn’t the main focus. They are tall, imposing, and dress only in red and black, their clothes are torn suits or gowns, often dripping in blood. They have large, curling horns at the top of their forehead, and a loud, booming voice.


David- Mentioned throughout the play, but only seen in the last scene. Mary Beth’s husband. Nice, normal, everyman kind of guy.


Scene 1

A young girl’s bedroom, pink with a canopy bed and stuffed animals everywhere. MARY BETH sits in the middle of a giant summoning circle on the floor in red paint. She takes a deep breath, and pricks her finger, dotting it down on the symbol nervously. The lights flash then blackout. When the lights come back up, CHIRASORU stands in the center menacingly, smoke flooding the stage.


CHIRASORU: (proudly, rehearsed) Who has summoned the great and terrible Chirasoru? Who dares to call upon these great powers of Hell?


MARY BETH: (shyly, but not afraid) Um, that was me! CHIRASORU looks at her in shock, scary facade dropping a little. I was hoping to ask you some questions for my Sunday School assignment.


CHIRASORU: Sunday School? If you’re in Sunday School, why are you summoning a demon?


MARY BETH: I didn’t want to have to go through the whole Bible, and I want to have a better presentation than stupid David. (With conviction.) He thinks he’s better than everybody else and I want to kick his butt.


CHIRASORU: Well then by all means, ask away.




Scene 2

Lights come up on the same bedroom, few years matured. There are less stuffed animals, less pink. More photos of friends hang on the walls, along with some band posters. MARY BETH is laying on the floor, a few years older, a middle schooler, and CHIRASORU is laying on the bed.


CHIRASORU: Well what did you say after?


MARY BETH (sadly, wailing): I said that he was stupid and didn’t treat me right! Then she went to tell him, and now he’s ignoring me! Why would she do that?


CHIRASORU: I don’t know why you humans do anything. Maybe she’s jealous of you two?


MARY BETH: I just feel so stupid. Now the two people I care about most are mad at me. It’s like I can’t do anything right.


MARY BETH sits up, buries her face in her hands, and starts to cry. CHIRASORU makes a pained expression and gets off the bed, sitting next to her. They pat her on the knee, and she leans into them.


MARY BETH: Did you ever go through anything like this?


CHIRASORU: (laughs softly) Kid, I was alive in the Dark Ages, and was persecuted for “practicing black magic”. I wasn’t, I was trying to read Latin. apparently, that wasn’t something that most people did for fun.


MARY BETH: Why did you turn into a demon?


CHIRASORU: (sadly, regretful) I didn’t want to die, so I took out the cops with me. I blew up my whole house, and people I loved died. Apparently the Good Lord doesn’t make exceptions.


MARY BETH: I’m sorry.


CHIRASORU: (obviously emotional) Don’t worry about it. At least I’m here with you.  




Scene 3

Lights come up on MARY BETH in her room, a few years older. The room has matured along with he, no more pink and no stuffed animals. It’s clear she’s in high school. She stands in front of her mirror in a fancy dress, frowning at her reflection.


MARY BETH: (quietly) Gosh, I look stupid. She moves aside a rug on the ground, revealing the pentagram. She pricks her finger, spreading it onto the symbol, and smiles as the lights go out.


Lights up. CHIRASORU stands next to her, black roses in their hands.


CHIRASORU: It’s your big night! Are you excited? You look amazing!


MARY BETH: I’m so nervous, I could throw up. Prom is supposed to be some amazing thing, and I’m afraid I’m going to mess it up somehow. And I’m going to ruin the night for myself and for David.


CHIRASORU: (comforting) Hey, don’t put so much pressure on yourself. It’s going to be great. It’s okay if not everything goes right, nothing is perfect. Nobody is perfect. Take a deep breath.


She does. She looks relieved, turning to face CHIRASORU.


MARY BETH: Are those flowers for me?


CHIRASORU: (shyly, presenting the roses) I thought you would like them.


MARY BETH: I love them. Thank you. (She hugs CHIRASORU, who looks taken aback at first, then hugs her back.)


MARY BETH: Thank you for everything you’ve done for me over the years. (they break apart, and she puts on her cross necklace.)


CHIRASORU: (fondly) You ready to go?


MARY BETH nods. A car’s horn is heard offstage, along with teenagers laughing. They both smile. MARY BETH exits SR and CHIRASORU is alone in the room. They look sadly after MARY BETH as the lights fade to black.


Scene 4

A baby’s nursery. It’s decorated in pink, with stuffed animals and a white crib. MARY BETH, much older now, sits in a rocking chair, holding a baby and waiting, looking at the familiar pentagram on the floor.




Lights come up to reveal CHIRASORU, holding a big box wrapped in birthday paper, and a “Happy Birthday” balloon. They look ecstatic.


CHIRASORU: Oh my, happy birthday baby Christina! (CHIRASORU crosses to MARY BETH, and waves down at the baby.)


MARY BETH: Would you like to hold her? I’ll take the gifts.


She passes the baby to CHIRASORU, who sets the present and balloon down.


CHIRASORU: She’s gotten so big! Yes you have, yes you have! She looks just like you!


DAVID pokes his head through the door.


DAVID: Honey, your mother just got here. She wants to know when we’re serving cake. Oh, hello Chira, nice to see you again.


CHIRASORU: David! You must be so proud! One whole year old!


DAVID: (crossing to stand at MARY BETH’s side, a hand on her shoulder lovingly) We wouldn’t have gotten this far without you.


CHIRASORU: Psh, parents have been raising kids without help from other-dimensional demons for forever. You two would have been fine.


CHIRASORU crosses to DAVID and hands him the baby. He makes the baby’s hand wave to CHIRASORU and exits.


CHIRASORU: They grow up so fast. You certainly did.


MARY BETH: David was serious. We couldn’t have gotten this far without you. I would be a totally different kid without you in my life. Thank you so much.


CHIRASORU: (trying not to show their emotions) No big deal, really.


MARY BETH: Yes it was, and you know it, you big sap.


CHIRASORU: Really, it wasn’t. Caring for you was the easiest thing I’ve done in hundreds of years. And caring for you now, and looking after your daughter will be just as easy.


MARY BETH stands and crosses to CHIRASORU. She hugs them, and the lights fade to black.


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