Wild Card #3

This is another really fun assignment from the playwriting unit. We had to find a stranger and write a basic backstory for them, who they are, how old they are, what is important to them, etc. We also had to write 300 words of what we thought their inner monologue was based on the information we gave them. I chose a teen girl who was running in my Aunt and Uncle’s neighborhood when we were dropping off my little cousin back at her house from a sleepover with my sisters and me at our grandparent’s house. She looked to be around my same age and was running pretty hard, so I created this whole character around that. She also glanced at me and frowned when I lifted my cousin up to hug her (no idea if this was a coincidence or not), so I gave myself a little cameo. Hope you enjoy!

A Stranger’s Inner Monologue

  • Name: Casey Jacobson
  • Age: 17
  • Lives in a house with her parents, an older sister, a younger brother, and her dog.
  • Significant relationships: her father, her best friend Daisy, her boyfriend JD.


Whew, it’s hot today. At least I can shower after this run and go to Yogurtland with Daisy. If she doesn’t blow me off for Ryan again. I mean, having a boyfriend is nice and all, but I never prioritize JD over her. Well, I did go hiking with him when I was supposed to study with her… but that was only once. Whatever. I hope she’ll be around more when Ryan goes off to Southern California. Is that mean? Nah, she’s said similar stuff about JD. At least we’ll both be seniors next year, I won’t have to say goodbye to him for a while. That was dark, calm down emo queen.

Oh my god my legs are sore. Does running even help you lose weight? I read that article last week and it said it didn’t. But I need to fit into some cute swimsuits this summer if I’m going to go to Santa Cruz for a week with the family. Stupid Alyssa is already super skinny, and Brad is a boy. Is it feminist to want to have a flat stomach? I’m not saying everyone should look like that, I just want to. Oh well, I’ll just keep it to myself so people don’t think I’m fat-shaming.

Who’s in that car? Never seen that one around. Huh, guess it must be the family of the Roberts. The little Roberts girl is so cute! Woah, that girl is tall. Aww, she’s lifting her up. Wish I had arms like that, that kid’s pretty big. Oh shoot, I’m turning on the street. Do I wave? I’m gonna wave. Thank god they’re not looking at me, I’m dripping in sweat. Okay, almost home. Nice. Oh, text from Daisy. Ryan’s with his friends so froyo is back on. I can treat myself, I deserve it. Go team.


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