Short Writing

This category is also vague, and was difficult for me to fill because I’m incredibly extra and write very long things. The assignment could be 500 words, and I’d write 1,000. This was one of the first activities we did in the memoir unit, it was a list of prompts we had to fill. The prompts were simple, like animal, food, color, etc. It really made me think and be honest in a way that “describe yourself” activities rarely do. I couldn’t just pick my favorite things and be done, I had to think about what I really was.

  1. Animal: over-excitable golden retriever
  2. Car: dirty Jeep
  3. Article of Clothing: well-worn light wash jeans
  4. Day of the Week: Thursday
  5. Food: Mac n’ cheese
  6. Color: light purple
  7. Movie: O’ Brother Where Art Thou?
  8. Fragrance: Bobbi Brown “Beach” (a very summery scent)
  9. Type of Building: ski cabin by a lake
  10. Plant: Redwood tree
  11. Musical Instrument: human voice
  12. Geometric Shape: octagon
  13. Piece of Furniture: the chair that everyone throws their clothes on
  14. Song: Miss Jackson by Panic! At The Disco
  15. Season: early autumn
  16. Television Character: Sam Winchester
  17. Cartoon or Comic Character: Bucky Barnes
  18. Appliance or Machinery: oven
  19. Natural Phenomenon: summer thunderstorm
  20. Word: Unconventional

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