Descriptive Writing

This category is pretty vague, so I just used an old prose poem that I liked. This was towards the end of the poetry unit, and was different from everything else we were doing because of the no line breaks and no stanzas, purely paragraphs. We had to write about emotions as if they were actual entities, and I chose to write about Memory and Anxiety, two things that often give me trouble. I get extreme déjà vu and often have a hard time remembering things. I also suffer with anxiety, so these entities were easy to write about. 

Memory is fleeting, a playful spirit who flits around, causing people to get lost. She is thin as a wisp, dainty in her pink skirt and frilly socks. Her hair, long and flowing, smells like your mother’s chocolate chip cookies. She dances on her toes around you always with a smile. You’ve never seen her face but you can tell what she’s feeling. She shops at farmer’s markets, only allowing herself to look like whimsical sunshine in a wide brimmed hat. However, she loves gorging herself on emotion, making you feel happy, sad, angry, and embarrassed with the gentle touch of a finger. Her voice is quiet, a whisper in the back of your mind. You can love her, hate her, want her in a matter of hours. As you age, she fades away, her old mischief calmed as she brings you the same joy over and over again.




Anxiety is a fickle little thief. He sits on your shoulder convincing you that you are wrong, wrong, wrong. You don’t notice how heavy he is until one rare day, he doesn’t hop on for a ride. He steals your breath, your words, your happy thoughts. He coaxes out your tears, your gasps, your stumbles over your words. His cold feet make you shiver and curl up into a ball, wishing he would go away. For some, he can leave once they enlist tiny swallowable soldiers or a fierce dragon that burns the Anxiety’s lies. The truly unlucky have to live with him forever. He locks your doors, doesn’t let you have friends. He is fiercely protective of you. You are his life source and he loves you, loves you so much that he can use you all up. Do not let him.


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