Humorous Writing

This category needs to be filled by something that shows “your unique sense of humor and wit”. I think this poem is an odd one, but the concept makes me laugh, and the execution is something I’m pretty proud of. The idea of taking something so horriffying that all humans are afraid of and making it very human is hilarious to me. I hope it is to you as well.

Why I’m Not Afraid

There is a devil in my basement

I tell people

they are always horrified

but I’m not afraid

When I first move in the house groans to greet me

doors slamming

sounds in the middle of the night

a creak of footsteps always behind me

I go to put some boxes in the basement

the lights dim, shadows grow too long

The first time, I am scared

Hello? I ask

Hello Hello Hello Hello

It’s… laughing at me?

the devil’s voice echoes in my head

I run upstairs

They try to get my attention

rattling at my windows

knocking books off shelves

Hello Hello Hello Hello

I get strangely used to them

they leave me compliments in blood on the mirror

I leave a cup of tea next to mine

for them to rattle

Hello the screams of tortured souls comes out of their mouth

How was your day?

Fine, how was yours?

Same old grind. Tortured some people, caused nightmares, nothing new

Hell sounds boring

Why do you think I’m in your basement?

I like your human bone necklace

Aw, thanks, I just got it. Love those shoes!


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