She’s Got That High, Lonesome Sound

“She’s got that high, lonesome sound”


She rode along in the old truck, slipping in and out of sleep. They still had miles to go, and she felt bad that she wasn’t very good conversation to keep the driver awake. But he was listening to music, drumming his hands on the steering wheel slightly out of rhythm as he looked out the windshield. He was less than carefully examining the two-lane road ahead as it appeared out of the dark.

They had taken this road countless times before, she knew it’s twists and turns, but she felt like they just appeared as they came up on each part, which was ridiculous. He’d told her so multiple times, and she had to agree. She was fanciful, daydreaming to keep herself occupied during the long ride.

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Wild Card #5

This was a fun assignment where we had to take one story and tell it to five different people. I have never done anything like this, and it was interesting to write only in dialogue from one side. You never hear the other person respond, and it’s fun to fill in the blanks. It was a good practice for writing from an unreliable narrator’s standpoint, and especially good practice for someone like me, who doesn’t often write from the perspective of a teenage girl (even though I am one. Go figure.).

Disclaimer: This is in no way a true story or even based in truth. I’ve never had a boyfriend, snuck out of the house or broken any bones.  Continue reading “Wild Card #5”

Wild Card #4

This assignment wasn’t even for creative writing, but I wanted to include it here because I really ended up loving it. In my English class, we have a notebook full of responses to prompts that my teacher gives us at the beginning of class. Because it’s the end of the school year, we had to flesh out a story based on a prompt response for our writing portfolio. I took a basic prompt, and me being me, turned it into a story about a fae creature in Los Angeles. The original writing was pretty awkward and stilted, but I noticed it had potential. It ended up being decently creepy, and that’s something I really love in a story.  Continue reading “Wild Card #4”


For this assignment, we had to write a one-act play in play format. It could be about anything we wanted, take place anywhere we wanted it to, and we could do anything with it. I chose to write mine over the course of a girl’s life, with a twist. I think it’s funny and endearing, and I would definitely try writing this way again. I thoroughly enjoyed coming up with the characters,  the setting, and the plot.  Continue reading “Playwriting”

Short Writing

This category is also vague, and was difficult for me to fill because I’m incredibly extra and write very long things. The assignment could be 500 words, and I’d write 1,000. This was one of the first activities we did in the memoir unit, it was a list of prompts we had to fill. The prompts were simple, like animal, food, color, etc. It really made me think and be honest in a way that “describe yourself” activities rarely do. I couldn’t just pick my favorite things and be done, I had to think about what I really was. Continue reading “Short Writing”

Wild Card #3

This is another really fun assignment from the playwriting unit. We had to find a stranger and write a basic backstory for them, who they are, how old they are, what is important to them, etc. We also had to write 300 words of what we thought their inner monologue was based on the information we gave them. I chose a teen girl who was running in my Aunt and Uncle’s neighborhood when we were dropping off my little cousin back at her house from a sleepover with my sisters and me at our grandparent’s house. She looked to be around my same age and was running pretty hard, so I created this whole character around that. She also glanced at me and frowned when I lifted my cousin up to hug her (no idea if this was a coincidence or not), so I gave myself a little cameo. Hope you enjoy! Continue reading “Wild Card #3”

Descriptive Writing

This category is pretty vague, so I just used an old prose poem that I liked. This was towards the end of the poetry unit, and was different from everything else we were doing because of the no line breaks and no stanzas, purely paragraphs. We had to write about emotions as if they were actual entities, and I chose to write about Memory and Anxiety, two things that often give me trouble. I get extreme déjà vu and often have a hard time remembering things. I also suffer with anxiety, so these entities were easy to write about.  Continue reading “Descriptive Writing”

Wild Card #2

This assignment was part of our memoir unit. We had ten prompts, and had to write lists of things that fit in the lists for us personally. It required no explanation, no elaboration, just whatever you felt. I enjoyed it a lot, and it really made me think about myself and what makes me me. Continue reading “Wild Card #2”

“I’m Cute Too!” (Memoir)

This assignment was simple; write about a memory from your childhood. I’m still in my childhood technically, but I chose a memory that was a little fuzzy yet stuck with me. I could remember the emotion better than the actual actions that went on, so I had to ask my mother and grandmother for details. I got creative with the dialogue and action, this assignment allowed much more freedom than many other forms of writing. I enjoyed writing from my own perspective for once, I usually like to write about other people. It was fun to get into the head of my four year old self, and brought back a whole slough of other memories from when I was younger. Continue reading ““I’m Cute Too!” (Memoir)”

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